September 2018 (Currently)
Collective exhibition at the Huberty-Breyne Gallery to celebrate the inauguration of the new space dedicated to the 9th Art.

April 2016
Collective exhibition on the theme of pleasure at the Barber & Mathon Gallery.


November 2015 and October 2014
Participation in multidisciplinary collective expo ConceptArt in Aubange in Belgium.

March 2014
Personal exhibition on the theme of the film “SugarMan” event “Orange Sunday” to the 210 workshop in Brussels

January 2014  
Group exhibition “I’m a wolf” at the Labokube, St-Josse, Brussels.

June 2013
Exposition collective “perfume” at galerie Barbier & Mathon

poster - parfum.indd

This exhibition brings together 36 artists, illustrators, graphic artists for the cinema, painters or authors of comic books on the subject of perfume.

September 2013  
Collective exhibition at the Gallery of the climax in Virton in the context of artistic “Cuest’art ‘.

May 2012 
Collective exhibition in the framework of «Artists of St-Gilles path», in Brussels – organized by the collective broth Kube

March 2009
Collective exhibition at the “spring of Arts current” in the space of Arnae, Brussels

December 2008
Collective exhibition of contemporary art “Selection XXI” in the space of Arnae, Brussels

July 2007 
Exhibition with artist Jean Giraud Moebius, Galerie Stardom, Paris 15th


June 2007  
Exhibition personal ‘homage to the colours”, Bar parallel, Brussels

March 2005
Collective exhibition at the modern Museum of BACAU (travel cultural exchange in Romania at home cultural Georges Enescu)

February 2004
Personal exhibition at the FNAC of Orléans

March 2002  
Exposure to two artists with the sculptor Bashir, Elevator Gallery, Paris XX

September 2001  
Exposure to two artists with the painter Daniel Cacouault, Ateliers des Frigos, Paris XIII

August 2001    
Exhibition with the Group Avatara, Gallery blue cow, Paris XIX

September 2000
Collective exhibition on the theme of the Malagasy tales, literary Cafe, Paris 18th